The company founded in 1902 by Giuseppe and Luigi Mascheroni, skilled craftsmen of the wood sector, in 1970 became a modern industry called MisuraEmme with a new generation led by the late Arch. Tiziana Mascheroni. As head of the company Dott.ssa Daniela Mascheroni and Ing. Gianni Borgonovo took over, both had already been fullfiling important roles for years, in collaboration with Federica Mascheroni while Mrs Marisa Mascheroni is the President of the company. At the moment also the third generation is working in the company.
The family's intuition and business know-how is combined with the collaboration of the best designers in the business.

During the problematic period for Italian design in the '60's and '70's, in Italy companies that produce furniture with an ample range of proposals distinguish themselves in such a way that they attract the interest of the international culture within the design sector which, immediately after the war, mainly looked at the experience of the Nordic Countries.

The reduced dimension of the company, the flexibility, the capacity and the involvement of new entrepreneurs together with a group of capable and talented designers are the base of our collections.